Although a lot of time has lapsed, in our case the results can fortunately be seen.

We love to see the happy sparkles in children’s eyes. The children’s joy and happiness from a new toy stays with us for a very long time.
- Mr and Mrs Krůza -
If we turn back, we cannot see only a company celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday this year. We can see a team of people who have built it together with us to its current size. We are proud of all the people who work in the company with us and do their best for our partners. We wish them to be rewarded with children’s smiles as well.


A child’s smile  is the biggest reward for us.
- Jana Krůzová -

We are happy when we can also offer exclusive products to our clients, especially when we participated in their creation from the initial idea to the final product. And in these cases we do not fulfil only the children’s dreams!